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Ann Carkner, Jasper:

  • bracelets, necklaces, rings, hair scrunchies; baked items (pies, tarts, cookies, bread, squares); produce

Barkley’s Apple Orchard, Morrisburg:


Barkley’s Apple Orchard is a family run orchard, just outside of Morrisburg, Ontario. We have fresh strawberries in the spring, apples in the fall and a wide range of homemade preserves to choose from!
“This farm is a responsibility,” says Bill. His family represents the seventh generation of Barkleys on the 70-acre spread. Bill previously spent ten years as an Agriculture Specialist with CUSO in Africa and several more as an Organic Inspector in Canada. Any fruit crop surplus is preserved and converted to cider, vinegar, jam, pies and a recently added delicacy, frozen strawberry coulis. A dozen bee hives on the property serve as apple tree pollinators and produce delicious Honey.


BeaconHolme Farm, Oxford Mills:


BeaconHolme Farm is a smallholding growing organic fruit and vegetables and raising free range chickens and turkeys. What started out as self sufficiency,has overflowed to the local Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers Market and we are now in our 5th year there. Our produce is used in the jams and preserves that are sold at the market. We also sell homemade baked goods including the best pastry in the Market.


Bower Farm

Brenda’s Veggies

Brian Marin\Two Bears

Celebrate Cakes, Burritts Rapids:

  •  designer gourmet cupcakes

Mike and Linda Courteau

Earth’s Harvest Farm, Oxford Mills:
Luke and Lizakia ora mate! I’m Farmer Luke and this is our farm…As a New Zealand farmer, I was trained to rotationally pasture-raise animals in order to gain the most nutrients out of the earth’s grasses while saving on the cost of grain feed.

This environmentally sustainable method of farming compliments organic practices and provides a healthier meat product completely devoid of any chemical intervention.

Years of training in both New Zealand and England have left me confident in my ability to farm grass-fed animals and I am excited to apply that knowledge to my own pasture-raised farm here in Canada.

We have taken our environmentally sustainable practices one step further by introducing “tractors” to the pasture. These large moveable cages protect the animals from predators and provide an intensive grazing area which changes daily. We manually move the tractors everyday which supply the animals with a new patch of grass ~ a fresh buffet of grass and bugs, if you will! By changing the location of the tractors daily, we do not need to medicate our animals as they don’t live in an environment that is able to breed parasites or disease. We currently have tractors for our laying hens, meat birds, and turkeys. Our 100% organic grass-fed lamb flock is ready this season and our beef herd is expanding and will be ready for 2016. With our organic angus cattle managing our pasture’s long grass and our lambs keeping the lower grasses at bay, after the chicken’s fertilize, the rest will happily follow behind! I am considering introducing pigs in order to till the pastures for better grass growth. Why not utilize the animals instead of depending on tractors and gas….aka sustainable. We are a truly synchronized local organic grass-fed farm ~ come see for yourself ~ we’d love to show you around!!!!!

Our ever-changing market garden reflects that when I arrived in Canada from New Zealand, I noticed a number of vegetables from home were missing from the stores. In an effort to introduce new varieties to the market, I have introduced some new strands of veggies from home. These varieties complement our heritage breeds giving our organic gardens a wonderful offering! Come see what’s new for this season ~ bet you’ll find something new and exciting to taste!!!!

~Our family is pleased to bring you quality, environmentally sustainable organic food that honours the Earth and its harvest


Edible Wild Ontario/Celtic Meadows

Eric Gutknecht Memorial Bursary, Kemptville:

  • jams and jellies; maple syrup; cookbooks

Fox Family Farm

Frank’s Catering and Baked Goods, Ottawa

  • Pies, tarts, cookies, squares, sticky buns, scones, bread, cannoli, frozen pot pies, frozen Italian food – pasta

From Trees to Treasures

Gees Bees Honey Company

Marianne and Matt

At Gees Bees Honey Company, we’re passionate about saving honeybees, protecting pollinators, and harvesting really great honey! Our local honey is unpasteurized and delicious, harvested in small batches throughout the summer to ensure ‘straight off the comb’ flavour. We also offer professional and pesticide-free honeybee removal services – all of the bees that we rescue are relocated to our 25 acre Pollinator Sanctuary in Dunrobin. For more info, visit our website or follow us on Facebook to see what we’re up to

Twitter: @geesbeeshoney


The Gourmet Dog House, Prescott:

  • Laura and Albert

    The Gourmet Dog House is a venture for retired couple, Laura Lauzon and Albert Ethier of Prescott, Ontario. We offer homemade specialty dog treats and tantalizers – a healthy way to spoil your pet! At the market you will find 13 varieties of dog biscuits, in three sizes, each flavour presented in a different shape. We also offer (by pre-ordering) brownies, cinnamon buns, sandwich cookies, muffins, sweet potato chips, chicken “pup” pies, and pizza by the slice. Our treats are wholesome, without added salt, sugar or preservatives and are lactose and chocolate free!

    Gourmet Dog


Gramma’s Garden, Williamsburg    

  • Vegetables, pickles

Grenville Herb Farm, Kemptville:

  • Culinary herbs

Hammond Farm

Joey’s Homestyle Baking

Just Farm, North Lancaster:

  • cole crops, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, melons, herbs, carrots, beets, celery, etc.

Karberry Farm

Keewaytin Farms, Oxford Mills:

  • Meat products and baked items

Kirsten Nordstrand

Let’s Get Pickled

Loghouse Cottage

Maclachin Meadows

MacLachlan Meadows

Here at MacLachlan Meadows we raise pigs and nothing but pigs – that way we can concentrate completely on producing the best pigs possible. We raise purebred Tamworths, a heritage breed, and they are registered with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation. We are also members of Rare Breeds Canada Eastern Ontario Chapter, an organization dedicated to preserving rare breeds of livestock and poultry. As well as Tamworths, we have a purebred Duroc boar and we have hybrid Tamworth/Duroc crosses – or Tamrocs as I like to call them. We run a non-confinement operation where our pigs are allowed to behave naturally in a stress-free environment – they have the run of the place, sometimes even including our back yard! We do not believe in using farrowing crates, docking tails, clipping teeth or nose rings. The care we take in raising our pigs is reflected in the quality of our breeders and the taste of our pork.!/MacLachlanMeadowsTamworths


MacLachlan Meadows
Merilyn Mulligan

Mister Lemonade

Mossy’s Smoke Shop, Smith Falls

  • Homemade pork sausage (12-15 varieties), sausage on a bun, homemade garlic dip

Muffin King Plus

Nana Bs Bakery , Merrickville
Joey and Anne

Merrickville, lovingly known as the Jewel of the Rideau, offers a multitude of unique attractions, shops, and eateries. This quaint, heritage community now boasts a traditional bakery: “Nana B’s” – a bakery with the mission to offer the community, neighbours, and visitors handmade products that send one’s taste buds back to memories of grandmother’s kitchen in the 1950’s.

Inside the bakery, you’ll find the intoxicating aroma of fresh, preservative-free bread in a dozen different varieties blending with the similarly natural ingredients used in Nana B’s cookies, squares, and take away meals. The bakery is pleased and proud to offer big flavoured breads, sweets, and meals alike. Artisan breads are made from dough created in a European style and individually hand crafted and the ever-changing dessert items are created using original recipes. The bakery has an open concept design, encouraging visitors to chat with “The Nana’s” as they work their magic in the kitchen.

Proud to cater to the tastes of their village, Nana B’s Bakery is also a destination location for day-trippers, boaters, cyclist, walkers, and tourist alike. We hope to see you soon.


Nanny Cakes

Negi’s Indian Cuisine

Oven’s Berry Farm, Osgoode:

  • strawberries, raspberries, Saskatoon berries; rhubarb; sweet corn

Purely Elemental, Kemptville:

  • Homemade bath & beauty products (goats milk soaps/lotions/salves); raw stone jewelry & accessories

Retired Chef Quality Food, Ottawa    

  • Hummus, pita, pizza, tabouleh, salads, calzones, other healthy Lebanese foods

Rideau Pines Farm, North Gower:

Matt and John
Rideau Pines Farm

In 1980, we took over an abandoned and poorly drained dairy farm. We cleared the land of trees, shrubs and rocks, and planted berries and vegetables.

Situated in the middle of the farm are many great pine trees. A century old shed has been moved to the front of these great pines and serves as a sales shed for “pick your own” customers.

Today, Rideau Pines Farm offers more than 9 varieties of strawberries and raspberries, including fall bearing plants. The Vandenbergs grow everything from pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, corn, and broccoli to potatoes, cauliflower, onions, garlic, honey… and much more!

The farm is situated on Fourth Line Road, very close to the 416 highway and Brophy Road. The farm has a distinctly rural setting, away from the noise and pollution of the highways. The family home is located directly on the farm – 10 feet from one raspberry patch and not even 100 meters from the first strawberry field! During strawberry season the shed serves as a sales counter, and during the raspberry & the vegetable seasons there is a market inside the old dairy barn.

A cooler inside the barn helps keep produce as fresh as possible – especially for berries and veggies harvested in the mornings of hot days! A clean outhouse is on site, for customer convenience. Rideau Pines Farm has a pond at the back of the property which is used for irrigation.

The Vandenbergs try to accomodate customers by offering tractor rides when picking in far fields. The staff is also there to help harvest, carry the the picked berries and vegetables, and offer friendly advice.



Sea Way Valley Soups

Shepherd’s Spring Farm, North Gower

  • Fresh Homemade Bread and Buns, Homemade Meat Pies and Soup, Homemade, hand made felt, Ginger Ale and Ice Tea by the Glass

Siam Cuisine, Kemptville:

    • Thai food: Pad Thai, spring rolls, samosas; curries, mango salad, fried banana

Suite 12

Tasty Indulgences / Sue Torrance

Una’s Angels of Love

When Life Hands You Lemons



Augusta Farms

Bailey’s Bead Creations

Be Love Soapworks

Caffeine Fix

Carmichael Woodworks

Carp Valley Farms

Clair Kerr

  • Corn and Potatoes

Cynthia Hurley


Evelyn’s Crafts

Faeries in Thyme

From Soup to Nuts

  • Wood carvings

Garryowen Maples, Spencerville

  • Maple syrup

Kyle`s Crochet Crafts, Kemptville

Lady Frog Creations

Maggie’s Shortbreads

Medieval Marvels

Oh So Crafty Me

Paracord Survival Products

Peggy Angus

Punk in Pink

Sewing by Diane

Tina’s Custom Creations

Willow Creek Creations

Yum Sweet Yum

…and many other vendors!


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